Lesson 8

Art of Captioning

Many people find it difficult to take pictures let alone caption them. A common theme, especially on Instagram, is for people to write a few evocative words describing something semi-related to the picture. This works, but it is quite a crowded field, and unless your pictures and editing are amazing, the chances of people really buying into those few words that you posted decreases. The best middle ground is to simply post a few sentences about what the picture means to you – also you must consider how you want your audience to feel when they view your picture – control the narrative!

It all depends on what kind of image you want to put off. Do you want to be a person known for their thinking and expression, or maybe just someone who expresses a small part of themselves every few weeks? Or do you just want to do the bare minimum so it isn’t left blank (ie a few words)? 

If you are spending too much time thinking about what to post then chances are you are trying to write too much or overly craft your image. Go with a middle ground that will leave you not overthinking or underthinking it. However, that’s just one method – do experiment at will!   

Posting pictures is already a great start, but a well-crafted caption describing the picture allows you to really communicate the message that you want with your audience. 

It is a lot more of an art than a science. Emphasis ADDED!

There are no wrong captions – even having a photo without a caption at times may suit you, although we don’t recommend this, as you want to have more content (material) than less for your audience to engage with you on your posts. 

Some people use their captions as a journal to tell what is really going on in their lives, including their ups and downs. 

Some Influencer accounts, will describe something from their pictures like a beach, a mountain, a boat or specific item, and then also talk about a product, location, course that they are promoting at the same time – they tie the two in seamlessly so that people don’t feel like they are being sold to too hard.