Lesson 7

ENERGY - Creating a Positive Impact

While creating a positive impact in the world is virtuous, and on some level should be the goal of every human’s existence – it is a lot more complex than that!

Not everyone holds the same values.

So… it is impossible to say what is the best way to conduct one’s life – only you will truly know what kinds of people, things, and relationships are best for you.

Not to get too philosophical, but…

What may be right for someone to post online may run into resistance or even antagonism from people who hold countering values.

At the minimum try and be tasteful and respectful, but also be bold and brave with what you believe in – your true colors will shine through. After all, we are just highly evolved primates who are a product of our environments and for the most part, doing the best we can.

While creating a positive impact in the world is ideal, it doesn’t have to be too over the top impactful outside of your own raison d’etre (goals).

A lot of people, especially those that aren’t using social media, might see it as a vain and egotistical hobby. There is some truth to that, but it doesn’t have to be limited to that either. Having a high regard for yourself is very beneficial, after all if you don’t have a high regard for yourself who will? You must craft the image of yourself that allows you the most confidence to achieve greatness (success). Make sure and put that success to good use once you have gotten there – pay it forward!

Successful people are rarely the negative people in any room, they tend to be optimists and see opportunities where others don’t – you want to surround yourself with those kinds of people and give yourself the best chance of becoming one.

Achieving success in your own life is largely based around having the right mindset and goals. Crafting the right online personal brand is one more asset and extension to help you get there.  If you are still having trouble formulating what your goals are, go back to lesson one for a refresher, and we encourage you to read some of those books we recommended.

In general, positive energy ignites feelings of pleasure in one’s brain, and people are more likely to resonate with your message if it is upbeat and makes them feel good. Those feelings and emotions that you caused them to feel will be attributed to you in some degree as you are the one putting out that kind of content, especially if you can do that on a consistent basis.

When you are creating a positive impact on a regular basis, people will literally look to you for that dopamine and serotonin (chemicals that give us feelings of reward and pleasure) spike in their brains to feel fulfilled. If you can create positive energy on a consistent basis people will want to follow your story and engage with you, and people will also want to be around you in the real world, this is how the world works! #thosegoodtimes are contagious!

This is the same reason people like watching certain TV shows, it gives them a positive feedback loop. This show = uplifting mood change when I tune in, and those positive feelings are associated with that feedback loop.

When it comes to social media the instigator of the positivity can be YOU if you are producing positive and impactful content!

As described in the previous chapters, people love to see people persevere; so sharing your inner feelings even when everything isn’t going right or you just aren’t in a positive mind frame can be effective. It may cause people to become invested in your story on a more personal level – people love classic overcoming adversity stories

We all know that being human comes with many ups and downs, and you may choose to share both.

However, if you are complaining or sharing too much depressing stuff, people won’t feel great watching your profile on a regular basis as it tends to bring them down as well.

Negative energy spreads just like positive energy, so controlling what you share and consume is vital.  

It is 2019 after all, and the average adult is glued to their phone throughout the day. What they are viewing online literally becomes their environment, and they would rather feel motivated and inspired than low energy and depressed.

Control your environment before it controls you.  

Think of when the average person is checking their ‘timeline’ or updates on various platforms. It is most likely when they wake up in the morning, on their breaks, during meal times, and in the evening to help them ‘unwind’ after a long day. Do they really want to read about boring or depressing things when they take a ‘break’ from their regular lives? – NOPE!

My favorite quote and this course’s main theme:

“The one unforgivable sin to be boring.” – Christopher Hitchens’ Mother

Other emotions which can be seen as almost the epitome of energy are happiness (smiling) and humor (laughter). They can be viewed as social currency in that they recharge every time we give some out.

The more we give out the more we get in return, so why not send some more good vibes out when chances present themselves both online and off.

Bringing to mind this sagely quote:

“It is because the human species is the only one which knows that death is our common lot that it is also the only one to know laughter as a saving grace…:; during the moment when laughter shakes us we are immortal.” – an anonymous clown

Inspire more smiling, laughter and just positive vibes!

Basically avoid being boring or negative as much as possible, or else building your social life becomes an uphill battle if your audience decides your story is bringing them down rather than up – some people aren’t worth following if they evoke negative energy into us.

That concludes the written portion of the course. We hope at the very least that you have learned something new that will improve your life or someone else’s and keep #thosegoodtimes circulating!

Action Steps: 

  • Follow someone positive online via Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, FaceBook – use them as inspiration to help you keep a positive mindset.

  • Read something positive daily – could be online, but also keeping a positive book beside your bed. Positive life quotes are great for this!

  • Gratitude journal – keep a notebook online or off and write down things daily or weekly that you are grateful for, this will help you keep a positive mindset

  • Smile and laugh more, don’t take yourself too seriously – remind yourself that throughout the day

  • Challenge yourself to always see the bright side in every situation – read about stoicism! 

  • Avoid negative people – feel free to cut out or spend less time with negative people, they bring your energy and mood down – don’t let leeches have that effect on you!