Lesson 4

Be Consistent

This helps when your online personality is genuine as you don’t need to work as hard to craft your message to be consistent. If you tend to jump around you may want work to craft a more consistent image of yourself, but generally, as long as you’re genuine your profile naturally will be. Being eccentric can also work in your favor if you can pull it off.

Most of the big social media ‘influencer’ accounts with lots of followers online have very consistent themes, and it is quite obvious why people are following and engaging with them; they have carved out their niche in a given space. 

Celebrities and Instafamous people can be more eccentric with their postings as people aren’t following them just for their account online. They are following and know them from another space, such as acting, modeling, YouTube, Music, etc.  Those people have already proven themselves in some capacity, and don’t need to pander to an audience to grow. Because they already have an audience, it’s not as important how consistent they are or aren’t as much as it would be for a regular account or somebody just starting out. 

People who don’t need to worry as much about consistency are people who have over 10-100k followers, but chances are if you are reading this that isn’t you, so don’t pay too much attention to that and stay with some level of consistency with your posting themes as well as your content release cycles. 

This doesn’t mean you can’t evolve or change your story. It just means that it may be harder for people to buy into your story if your theme is constantly changing too quickly or often.

Depending on your goals you may want to mix things up anyway and post a lot of different kinds of content, which is fine. On the flip side, you may only want a niche space that thrives on novelty – many artists or creative people have very interesting specific accounts and that works for them.

Stay consistent with the amount of content that you produce, people will come to expect a certain amount of content from you. If you post too often some people may become exhausted with your story, and if you don’t post often enough others will lose interest or stop relating to you as your story has become too weak and they don’t feel like they are engaged at all. 

Again, this is more of an art than a science as some of the biggest accounts online have vastly different frequencies when it comes to posting; ranging from multiple posts and 10-20 stories per day to other accounts that rarely or never post stories and might make one picture post per week or even per month. It depends on what your audience wants and what you want to show them.

This is also a modeling exercise, find the accounts that you resonate with or are doing what you are doing but on a bigger scale. If your goal is to grow your account, ‘modeling’ their frequency and style may be a good starting point, but of course with your own twist as no two stories are going to be exactly the same and nobody likes an exact copy cat. 

Make your story unique, but also don’t be afraid to shamelessly copy ideas and concepts that are working – stand on the shoulders of giants if that gets you towards your goals.  

Staying with the theme of consistency, but going a level deeper…

Social accountability 

What is social accountability? 

Have you ever withheld information from someone about a personal goal you wanted to achieve or possibly a far off trip that you wanted to go on? – You weren’t positive you would hit your goal or go on that trip so…

You dreaded the inevitable backlash from your friends and family: 

“Hey, I thought you were going to do this or that, what happened?”

Nobody wants to be the boy who cried wolf, and nobody wants to look bad in front of their peers when they aren’t consistent with what they have said!

What if you could leverage ‘social accountability’ to work for you? 

When you are making a realistic goal and want to transform your life in a positive way, the more people that know about it the better!

Here’s why we feel strongly about this…

You have more people: 

  • Holding you accountable!

  • Cheering you on to reach your goal

  • Hating on you – sure, but ‘haters’ are just lazy and jealous closet fans 🙂 

  • That can potentially help you achieve your goals via the network effect – better contacts, more information which will give you a step up when it comes to achieving your goals 

We encourage you to bring people along on your journey by revealing what your goals are publicly, and be bold and brave when doing so. People will respect you for that and it will help give you that extra drive! 

This could be as simple as posting a picture or story with a caption saying: ‘I want to lose 10lbs before the end of January.’ Simple!

It could also mean posting a picture of someone specific or an older picture of yourself from days gone by, and outlining how you are going to hit your physique goals. 

Think: Body For Life – ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures. 

Then, post daily or weekly with updates on your progress and timeline. Your ‘fans’ will rally behind you; we have seen this transpire countless times. 

A favorite quote of ours, take from it what you will:

“Once you realize you can change your body, you realize you can change just about anything.”

While transforming your physical condition is probably one of the most rewarding and common goals, social accountability isn’t limited to health. 

Putting out your goals online can be thought of as an inevitable outcome in that you are going to work that much harder to ensure that you don’t let everyone down. Nobody wants to look inconsistent and social media can be a very powerful tool in helping you achieve this. It’s like throwing your hat over the fence to ensure that you make it over that fence as well! 🙂 

The accompanying video will touch on this in more detail. 

If you are trying to get a new job, save money, find romance, or just about anything you can dream up… social accountability will make it that much easier!

Put your goals out to the world for all to see and track your progress, people will line up to cheer you on – create a positive impact and you will create a feedback loop of positive energy and start to benefit from network effects. 

Action Steps:

  • Post a goal online – This could be done via professing online for all to see what your goals are via a post or a story. 

  • Have an ‘accountability partner’ that you share your goals with and they help hold you accountable via encouragement  

  • Review Your Profiles, Are You Being Consistent? Set some time aside to check up on your progress – are you posting often enough, and are you telling the story you set out to tell?