Lesson 1

HAVE A FOCUS - Finding Your Online Personality

Define your goals: WHO DO YOU WANT TO BECOME? What do you want to reveal?  

What do you hope to achieve in taking this course??

Answering these questions is important in finding your online personality- remember to be honest with yourself for the best outcome.

If you want to:

  • Make more money online – Think: Tim Ferriss, Tai Lopez 
  • Get in better physical shape – Think: Brad Pitt in Fight Club 
  • Improve your style – Think: Don Draper in Mad Men
  • Grow your social network – Think: Dan Bilzerian on Instagram 
  • Get better dating results – Think: YES MAN, Hitch, Crazy Stupid Love

If you aren’t sure who these people are or what the references mean, check them out on Google or Instagram. You can aim and improve at whatever you want, but having a focus and knowing what you want is important. 

The quicker you can define your purpose/goal – the quicker you can start to optimize your online personality and get The Life Funnel working for you. 

A book that we highly recommend that discusses the importance of setting goals and having a target to aim at is: ‘Psycho-Cybernetics’ by Maxwell Maltz.


This book is worth exploring briefly here, as Maltz makes some very convincing points around the power of having a focus and something to strive for. 

Maxwell Maltz knew that any good plastic surgeon (which he was) is and must be a psychologist, “When you change a man’s face you almost invariably change his future. Change his physical image and nearly always change the man – his personality, his behavior – and sometimes even his basic talents and abilities.”

The so-called “subconscious mind” is not a “mind” at all, but a mechanism – a goal-striving “servo-mechanism” consisting of the brain and the nervous system, which is used by, and directed by the mind. Man does not have two “minds”, but a mind or consciousness, which “operates” as an automatic, goal-striving machine.

What?! Yes! 

Our subconscious mind works automatically on achieving the goals we set for ourselves. The goals are, the mental pictures we have in mind. These pictures we have in mind come from our self-image! This is exactly why our SELF-IMAGE is so crucial! 


The universe will start to work in your favor once you have set a clearly defined goal – Once they’re set you will be guided/pulled towards your goals. 

You must understand what your focus is and allow your brain to start figuring out a solution… 

And then start to execute! 

Make sure to clearly write your goals down. Details matter a lot so be as specific as possible!

  1. What do I hope to achieve with this course?

I want to: 

  • increase my social life – have more contacts
  • have more accountability towards my fitness goals  
  • network with like-minded people online – friends that have mutual interests
  • get better results with online dating 
  • increase my job prospects via better online branding
  • understand how the world is socializing through platforms like Instagram

     2.  How much time do I want to allocate to this goal now that it is defined? 

I can allocate:

  • x time per month
  • x time per week
  • x time per day

It all depends on your goals and time available.

It could be you want to allocate less than an hour a month, and that’s alright! 

It could mean annually updating your profile picture and deleting a few photos that don’t well represent you anymore – and that’s alright!

But we are assuming most people who are reading this are going to be posting slightly more than once a year or month and already do. 


Be realistic with what time you can allocate to this, and don’t be too ambitious. Start small and see how you like engaging online and the results you start getting.

Our focus is on social media, namely Instagram and Facebook, as these platforms currently dominate online socializing throughout the world. 

     3. How comfortable am I becoming more open with my life via sharing and showing more details of my life online? 

Some people have no reservations and are fine sharing just about everything such as:

  • what they are eating 
  • what they are wearing
  • their gym workouts 
  • who they are dating
  • what song is on in their car while driving

Meanwhile, they are ‘checked in’ at their exact locations throughout the day 

and they don’t even flinch…

On the other extreme, some people may find themselves terrified of revealing more of their life online because of insecurities. 

Then you also have the slightly paranoid group, usually older people who didn’t grow up with the internet, especially social media, and don’t like putting anything online for privacy purposes. 

All valid concerns, but if you bought this course and are ready to start putting yourself out there online, start small and gauge your comfort level as you go. 

We have worked with all types of people on the extremes!

There are small steps that can be taken to ‘break the ice’ and warm people up at their own pace to achieve their end goals. 

If you start really small, you are tricking your brain’s natural resistance to ‘big change’  – via small changes you can circumvent the resistance and the big mental effort that big change can require.

If you told someone “you have to run a marathon” they would go into a state of panic at that prospect, before even getting to the starting line. 

But, if you told them they have to run for a few minutes, they would smile and most likely not even bother getting proper shoes or having a nutrition plan in place. Then you could ease them into the idea of running a 3km within a month, then maybe a half marathon within 6-12 months… and then when the full marathon topic was broached, it would probably seem like a fun challenge, and not that intimidating. 

That is working with the power of kaizen – gradual improvement! 

“The steps were so small I couldn’t fail!” – The Kaizen Way

Another book we highly recommend: One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way – Robert Maurer

Once you have your focus selected, write it down and start thinking about them on a deeper level. Do you know anyone who you could model or use for inspiration? 

The more specific your focus is the better. All parts of one’s life can be improved (optimized), ranging from fashion, fitness/health, and hobbies,  to just about anything you can think of – Target the lifestyle you want!

If you can follow (on Instagram, YouTube, or another platform) someone who has already achieved the results you want or similar that will be helpful, Be mindful that it can be hard to find exactly what you are looking for, as everyone’s goals and lifestyles vary quite drastically.

We recommend following quite a few ‘influencers/gurus/experts’  in the space and learn from all of them – there are so many inspiring people online that are sharing their knowledge and worldview who you can learn from and model. 

The people who you follow or are influenced by should help direct or motivate you when you start telling your own personal story.

The internet has opened up the world in a way that we never thought possible and anybody who thinks otherwise is on the wrong side of history – or just isn’t paying attention. Facebook has already proved that the world is craving more interaction and wants to share things – after all, close to half the world’s population who are over 13 years of age have Facebook accounts already and I expect that number to keep climbing every year.

Action Steps:

Determine your goal: Answer the questions asked in this chapter and think about what you want to achieve.

Find a Case Study: There are over a billion people on Instagram, chances are that someone out there would be a great case study for you – follow them first and see what is working for them. Chances are you will start to find useful takeaways from the very first day. 

Start Reading: We recommend reading Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz and The Kaizen Way by Robert Maurer.